Streaver, Lord of the East

Lord of the East


Streaver was always meant to be a guardian, a protector, a Lord among the Avian Races. Being a Dire Rooster, he stands at 4.5 feet, and weighs approximately 55 lbs. Lean, fast, and deadly, he is not a foe that one should haphazardly take on.

It is not known to many where he came from, rumours speculate that he is the spawn of a Dragon and a Chicken, breeding forth a monster. Others speak that he is a transmuted creature, whilst others believe that he is actually a demon in the guise of a rooster.

His true origin is much more humble. He was raised as a way to way up the Sorcerer Master of the Tower. Being a stubborn Rooster from birth, he soon found out that normal crowing would not be sufficient, and over the years spent time to climb his way into the tower and attack the Master. The years of attacking the master, the Magic suffused within the tower, and the stubborn will of Streaver lead him to rise up from being a normal rooster, and gave a forced evolution into a Dire Rooster. Such a thing was unheard of, but life is full of those kinds of mysteries.

Eventually, after many mornings of this procedure, he climbed the Tower with speed and finesse, and easily could reach the Master’s room from the first floor in 3 minutes (Even with the Tower changing rotation, Streaver had a strong bond with the Master, and always knew where to go). But one morning, the Master was gone, and all that was left was the Miss, who he liked, because she would always help him get into the Master’s room and would always have some snacks for after the job was done, and the Usurper. It was true that Beardy was not a Usurper, because he worked with Master, but once Master was gone, Beardy seemed to act like he was more in charge.

Miss was crying, and though she had snacks, Streaver instead comforted her. Seeing as this did no good (Of course Miss was still a youngling, and the young cry), Streaver left the Tower quickly. Streaver had a mission, and that was to comfort Miss, even though he really wanted to look for Master (being that he could feel which direction he went), Streaver had a feeling that Master would have rather been alone, and that Miss should be helped.

Streaver ran out into the fields. He knew he had to go to the small mountainous area for what he needed. He had, in his youth attempted to gain control over the Island, but this was because he finally woke the Master up, and he was full of Pride. Subsequently, he did not fair too well against some of the others, and was chased to the mountains. There, he found some other Avians, and being the proud Rooster, he attempted to get dominion, but before he could usher an attack, a smaller bird came down to him. This bird was definitely female, and she shone with a radiance. He was awed by it, and decided that it would be better to make friends than to destroy this creature of beauty. He spent his days there, after his job, and after his other self-proclaimed duties. And made friends with the flock of Celestial Hawks there

Streaver ran back to the mountains to find his friends and ask a favour. Once he got there, he was greeted by the female’s mate. The immediately locked talons in a fight. This was their greeting, to make sure that the Guardian of the Flock and the Guardian of the Tower never got weak. During their fight, Streaver asked if there were any fledglings ready to leave the nest. The mate answered that there were, but they were his own, and that they would be groomed to be future leaders. The mate then asked why, and Streaver told the story of his Master not being there, and the Miss being upset, and how Streaver might not always be there to protect her, so he wanted someone that was reliable and strong to work in his stead. The mate respected Streaver’s strength, and always thought that it was in no way less than his own, and hearing that Streaver thought that the children would one day be as strong if not stronger, made him ecstatic. However, the mate would need to take it over with the mother.

She agreed. Both Streaver and the mate stopped when they heard her chime of approval, she had been watching the sparring, and listening. She had like the Master, who came out to the mountains at night and left seeds there, and she liked the Miss who would come out of the Tower towards the Mountains and sing her lovely songs. And the thought of her child being able to be of assistance made her all the happier. And she went to get her children.

There were 4 who were old enough to leave the clutch. A strong older child, who was suppose to be the next Leader of the Flock, two middle children who were always together, and a smaller younger male, who made up in spirit for what he lacked in size. Streaver, without hesitation chose the youngest male, mainly to leave the oldest to carry the flock, the two would not be separated, and Streaver did not wish to take more children from a nest than he had to. Besides, he knew that the nurturing state that the Miss had would help to breed him into a mighty Hawk. With the child accompanying him, he made haste back to the Tower.

As they returned, the entrance did something that it had not done before. It talked to him. “Who dares enter the premise? You may only enter once thou has answered my Riddles!” Streaver was a little taken aback. He knew that there was Magic, the Master and Miss was Magic, but the door was never talking before. Then the door made a mistake. “Oh look,” it said, “A little chicken that seems to have lost his way, go along little chicken, there is no need for you to come into the building and leave your droppings everywhere.” Streaver learned language from the Master, Streaver could understand Common and a few other languages, Streaver was intelligent enough to put some of the so called “smarter” animals to shame. Streaver did not like this door, and he did what he does to anything he does not like. Attack.

The door opened up quickly when it realized that this Chicken was more than a Chicken. Before the doors were opened, there were 6 large claw marks embedded into the door. The door said nothing, it whimpered a little, but said nothing as Streaver entered. Streaver also noticed that the layout was different than before, more so than normal, and he realized that the Usurper was making these changes, Streaver did not like that Being.

However, Streaver quickly found his way back to the Miss. She had stopped crying, and looked angry, however, once she saw Streaver, she beamed at him. “Hello Streaver, are you okay?” He could tell that she was hold back emotions, but they were not all sadness. He started to wonder why, but then the door to the Great Office opened. That was the office that the Usurper would use mainly, because the Master would use his own small private office to conduct business. He came out, looked at the Miss, and smiled. “There you are lovely, all smiles again I see, I knew that you could not resist my allure.” As soon as those words were out of his mouth, the Miss tensed up, and got a mad look. “Listen sir, I told you before that I am not an object to touch. You are now the full Headmaster, but that does not mean that you are excused from basic morals and principles.” He laughed a little, “A joke, a joke, besides, what could an old man like me really do against a young supple woman like yourself?” Streaver got a small notion that it was the Usurper that caused her to be angered earlier.

As the Usurper talked, he moved closer to the Miss, and she went back, but soon was between the Usurper and the wall. The Usurper smiled again, Streaver really did not like that smile. But before Streaver could act, the Youngling launched forward and hit the Usurper with enough force to knock the Usurper back. Being caught off-guard like that had him on his rear in no time. And before the Usurper could rise again, Streaver had his rear talon by his throat. The Usurper had a look of calmness in his eyes, and that irritated Streaver all the more. “Streaver, it’s okay.” Streaver was confused, Miss was stating this. Streaver backed off, and the Usurper brushed his robes off. “Well, now I know how you got the door open, I will have to do better next time,” looking at Miss, “I expect those paper done by tea.” And he went back into his office.

Miss sighed and smiled. “Thank you Streaver, and,” noticing the small little Celestial Hawk, her eyes widened, “Streaver, who is this little beauty?” The young Celestial Hawk puffed up at the compliment, and took a stance of nobility. Streaver looked at the young hawk and then immediately at Miss. She understood the concept, “A familiar, for me, but I do not know, I am still new at this, and…” Streaver looked hard at Miss, he was not taking no as an answer. Miss relented, “Thank you, I know that it will be better if there is someone to protect me at all times, especially since he is…” Miss began to cry again. The youngling looked at Streaver, and Streaver gave him a look that it was the moment to comfort her. The Young Celestial Hawk moved in, and nestled up to her. She calmed down, and whimpered a few time before saying thanks to the Hawk again. Streaver turned to walk back to the outside, because he knew that there would only be hardships for everyone if he stayed in the Tower, especially without his Master there.

Once outside, he could see that the wounds he inflicted on the doors were already gone. Streaver saw Magic, he grasped the concept, but it still baffled him. The door creaked, “Oh, and stay out you little birdy, or else you will regret ever coming out of your egg.” Streaver enjoyed the provocation, and attacked the door again. The door healed, so it can be healed again. But this time, when he hit the door, he got a nasty electrical shock, and was thrown back. “Bwhahahaha, you thought the same trick would work twice, I have been instructed to NEVER let you back in, hahahaha…” Streaver went to attack again, but then stopped. He had done his job, he made sure that the Miss would have a protector, and he would wait until his Master showed up again. Streaver attempted to locate his Master, but could not feel anything. This left a cold feeling inside of him, but immediately, he realized that there was no way that Master could be dead. Only the weak die, so Master would live forever. Because of this, Streaver decided that he would guard the Eastern Vale, from which the Sun rose. Guarding it so that it would remain a peaceful area to which his Master could visit again. He also decided to breed a flock of his own. There were hens enough, and he could breed some younglings of his own, to which he would then introduce to his Master.

Streaver, Lord of the East

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